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M. R. (Mike) Howard - Managing Director

Prior to entering the executive recruiting world in 1992, I spent the previous 15 years specializing in unusual insurance risks and financial planning. In my previous life, if someone needed insurance and the other brokers turned green - that was my project. From bush pilots in Alaska, hot air balloons, hovercraft, to my favorite, a two-man submarine, I handled the uncommon risks.

There are no rating manuals for these types of insurance and each was unique. In 1992, I brought this experience in listening, developing creative solutions and negotiating to the recruiting world. I joined a leading office of the major recruiting firm in North America and quickly went from rookie to Team Leader and office trainer.

My goal is to advance the careers of my Candidates and to grow my Client Companies. It is my practice to form long term, close working relationships with both Candidates and Clients.

By taking the time to understand what a candidate really wants out of life and their career, it is possible to match them to a company that has the same goals and ideals. This creates a synergism that can work for both for the long term.

If a Recruiter first thinks of what is best for the Candidate and the Client Company, that Recruiter cannot help but be successful.

The Gorge Group was created to find solutions to problems. We don't have one way of doing things and try to force our client companies and Candidates into a specific mold. Our Recruiters are trained to listen to our Candidates and Client Companies and then to use their experience and judgment to find a solution that fits the needs of both.

My Team looks forward to creating a solution to your need.

"The future is now"
George Allen

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