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In talking to a Recruiter, did you ever feel like you and the Recruiter were taking part in two different conversations?

You were trying to get across what you were looking for if you were going to change positions and the Recruiter was trying to stuff you in to a predetermined size and shaped box. You felt that the Recruiter really didn't care about you or your family and just wanted to get your resume, set up an interview, email it out and hope.

The goal of The Gorge Group is to be able to call back after five years and find you are still with the institution we placed you with and are happy that you are there. We are not looking for a "drive by" placement.

First of all, that is simply good business. If you are happy, you will refer business associates to us. If your new employer is happy, they will give us other positions to fill. We wouldn't want to be treated as a commodity and neither do you.

We don't simply throw resumes at the institution and hope through sheer numbers that they will hire someone.

We want to match their corporate philosophy with yours. We know that no matter who you chose to associate with, there will be some bumps in the road. If you and the company have the same outlook, it makes it easier to ride out the rough spots.

The position may be perfect, but what about the location? Urban, suburban or rural - what lifestyle fits for you?

What are your career goals? How do those goals fit with taking on this new position?

These are just a few of the subjects that a Recruiter from The Gorge Group will discuss with you.

While we are looking to fill a particular position, it doesn't work unless it is the right position for you and your family.

At anytime, we have between sixty and one hundred positions open with our client companies. These positions are with banks and credit unions across the West - from Texas to Alaska and Minnesota to California. Each client has a different focus and philosophy. They are located in major metropolitan areas and very small - population under 1,000 - rural communities. If we don't have what you are looking for today, it could be tomorrow. Interviews have been set up within twenty-four hours that resulted in a new position within two weeks. We have stayed in touch with Candidates for years before finding that very specific spot for them.

Prior to setting up a conversation for you with one of our clients, we will know what it is you want and where you want it. We are not in the business of setting up interviews. The Gorge Group is in the business of making long-term matches between our Client Companies and Candidates.

If you are ready to make something happen in your career, it is time to contact The Gorge Group.