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Job Seeker - [Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering a Career Change]

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1. Am I living where I want to live?

- State
- City
- Rural
- Suburban
- Urban
- Closer to family and friends or farther away from

2. Do I leave my job each day satisfied and ready to enjoy friends and family or am I constantly stressed out? Is my job adversely affecting my personal life?

3. Financially, am I able to provide for my family and myself in the manner I want to?

4. Is my current employment situation helping me put together the desired solution for:

- Retirement
- College education for my children

5. How many hours do I loose from other activities due to the length of my commute? How is that affecting my life?



Where do I want to be in my career in five (5) years? Will I be able to accomplish this with my current employer? What obstacles will I need to overcome?
    - Do I have a competitive compensation and benefits program?
    - Am I challenged and motivated by my current position?
    - Does my current employer recognize and reward my contributions?
    - Do I enjoy working with my manager, my peers and employer?
    - Is your business philosophy and that of your employer the same? Where do they clash?
    - Is it time to make change on your terms and not your current employers?


What are you willing to invest to get what you want for you and your family?

If you think it is time to make a change on your terms, set up an appointment to talk to a representative of The Gorge Group to have a confidential discussion of your career.