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What type of positions do you fill?

What do you need filled?
What is cost effective to you?
The easy answer is that we recruit from "Presidents to Processors."

Here are some of the Positions that we have filled:

- President
- Chief Financial Officer
- Chief Lending Officer
- Chief Credit Officer
- Director of IT
- Commercial Loan Officer
- Agricultural Loan Officer
- Financial Analyst
- Manager of Consumer Loans
- Manager of Mortgage Loans
- Underwriter
- Credit Analyst
- Loan Processor
- Branch Manager
- Controller

If you are a Client Company of The Gorge Group and you need help, we are here to assist you.

Where do you find Candidates?

Currently, The Gorge Group has approximately 28,000 banking and credit union contacts in our database. We are in contact with roughly 5,000 of these individuals via phone or email every month. Every day, we add to this extensive database.

Sources of contacts:
- Direct calls in to various financial institutions
- Referrals from existing Candidates, Managers or other Contacts
- The internet
- Company Websites
- Resume Boards
- Associations
- Individuals registering at our website

What geography do you recruit in? What if I need help in several states?

The Gorge Groups primary focus is all states west of the Mississippi plus the upper Midwest. However, each state has a person specifically assigned to that area. By assigning specific individuals to a specific geography, that person becomes intimately acquainted with what is happening in that state.

When you are a Client Company of The Gorge Group, we will work anywhere in the world that you need recruiting done.

What do you charge and who pays it?

The Client Company pays all fees. There is some variation based on the difficulty of the search; the number of positions that a Client Company estimates it will have in the next twelve (12) months and the commitment of the Client Company to working with The Gorge Group.

How long will it take to fill the position?

- How rare is the Candidate that you want?
- Are you willing to relocate the right type of person?
- Is your compensation and benefit program competitive?
- Why should someone leave a perfectly good job and go to work for you?
- How focused is your hiring process? How long does it take?
- How many Candidates will you insist on seeing?

I can't answer your question until you answer mine. Each search is unique. After knowing your parameters, we can give you a "best guess". That will not be a guarantee.

What if I need to fill multiple positions or have special needs?

The Gorge Group has a Special Projects Team. The Special Projects Team does not focus on any particular geography or position, but is available to focus on the urgent needs of our Client Companies. Primarily, the Special Projects Team recruits on Retained Searches and more specifically, retained searches where the Client has multiple needs.

If you have multiple positions to fill, ask us about a Rolling Retainer. This concept is specifically designed to meet this need.

Does The Gorge Group conduct background checks on the Candidates that you bring to us?

We do a "Preliminary Background Review" prior to bringing a Candidate to you. This in essence is a confirmation with at least two (2) professional associates that the Candidate is as she/he presents themselves. As we receive these names from the Candidate, it is important that you conduct your normal checks.

In our experience, virtually all of our Client Companies will make an offer to the Candidate subject to a Credit Check, Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen, etc. Our background checks are "Preliminary" and are designed to find the obvious. We strongly recommend that our Clients conduct the same background checks with Candidates that we bring to their attention as they would with someone that walked in off of the street.

What other information will I receive on a Candidate?

The Gorge Group has created a number of "Profiles" designed to gather specific information for various positions. Each Candidate will complete the profile specific to that position. In addition, we request that you provide us with 3 to 6 specific questions that you would want each Candidate to answer. We will have each Candidate complete your custom profile. By using this tool, you will be able to eliminate Candidates that do not fit your needs prior to taking your time to talk to them.